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Antenna 3.7m Ring Focus for Ku Band Earth Station

The RX/TX antenna provides high gain and exceptional pattern characteristics.High electrical performance and exceptional versatility constitute the ability to configure the antenna with your choice of linearly or circularly polarised 2-port or 4-port combining network.The 3.7m antenna is a rugged, reliable antenna system that operates at Ku Band frequencies with high efficiency and at the same time successfully withstands environmental effects. The antenna consists of main reflector, subreflector, mount assembly, back struts and feed assembly.The aluminium alloy reflector is precision formed for accuracy and strength, which requires minimal maintenance. The reflector assembly is 3.7m in diameter and segmented into a twelve piece configuration to reduce shipping volume and to facilitate transport to remote sites.The reflector panels are conversion coated and painted with a highly reflective white paint. Hot-dipped galvanized steel mount maintains pointing accuracy and ensures durability and reliability. The mt can be purchased with either manual or motorizable capabilities.The surface of the subreflector and feed system is hot-dipped galvanized. The feed is made up of a conic corrugated horn and a circular transition with flange to connect the feed system (supplied with 2 or 4 ports on request).

Antenna 5m Gregorian for Earth Station

The antenna reflector has a steel hub and a backing structure of 16 steel trusses and 32 steel tie bars (backing angles). The trusses’ curved ribs have the shape of the 16 aluminium reflector panels. The reflector panels are stretch-formed to shape, drilled in factory and supplied ready to rivet in position on the ribs. The feed assembly (supplied on request) is aligned on dowels in the hub centre. A small inner reflector panel, supplied in three parts, occupies the space between the feed and the outer reflector panels. Three mounting plates are attached at the hub to support the de-ice system heaters. 16 insulating panels (plenum panels) are fixed to the outer surface of the reflector framework, creating a closed space to contain the heated air. Three of the plenum panels have sections that can be removed to give access to the heaters. The steel components are galvanized and the aluminium reflector panels are coated with hard wearing matt white paint. Also the plenum panels have a white paint finish. Subreflector support brackets are fitted to four of the trusses. Pedestal and mechanical handling are produced in galvanized steel, motorization is water-proof.

7 m Cassegrain antenna

Cassegrain antenna with elevation over azimuth motorization.


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