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Antenna 1,2 / 1,5 mt. Offset for DSNG system

The antenna is a Gregorian type reflector of 1,2m dimension (double reflector system) with a subreflector that enables uniform feed illumination, maximal efficiency and low secondary lobes. The principal reflector is constituted by a support structure with one dish in reinforced aluminium. The dish is manufactured with the best shape for the highest electromagnetic performance. The subreflector is fixed directly at the feed arms without any regulation: the auto-alignment system allows to fix the subreflector in the correct position (the same for the feed). The feed has a corrugated horn for better symmetric patterns and low secondary lobes. The OMT (Ortho Mode Transducer) facilitates the two ports to allow both transmission and reception in linear polarization. The antenna features also a motorized handling in three axes (azimuth, elevation and polarization). The command to move and check the antenna handling is supervised by the ACU “ASC0003B” (Antenna Satellite Controller). The antenna is provided with a 1 -bit Optical Encoder (for azimuth and elevation axes) and with a potentiometer for the polarization axis. All cables between the Antenna and the ACU are provided. Azimuth, elevation and polarization switches limit is installed and connects directly to the ACU for the safety control of the antenna handling.

One Touch and Go – (DSNG Application)

One Touch and Go is a mobile station for distribution of satellite television services, equipped with a satellite terminal of new conception.

The characteristics of One Touch and Go simplicity of use also for those who are not particularly expert in high technology and cost effectiveness as it allows the access to the satellite communications with immediacy, any moment and any place.

Qualities that make One Touch and Go especially suitable for journalistic and TV requirements.

Uplink and RF Equipment

Antenna SNG (Type ANP0065D)

1.5 mt motorised antenna fully automated satellite Acquisition and tracking

K u Uplink Freq. (13.75 – 14.5 GHz)

Ku Downlink Freq. (10.75 – 12.75 GHz)

Antenna Satellite Controller

(Mod. ASC0012A) Designed to command the movement of antennas on three axes and completely on board integrated.

Beacon Receiver (Mod. BRC0011A) Designed to command the movement of antennas on three axes and completely on board integrated.

Amplifier RF (Mod. 16KU0002A)

16/30/50 W BUC & SSPA Ku band System.

The device is proper for video and data satellite applications.


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