About us

In its almost 30 years of history has gained a big portfolio of orders, experiences and supplies increasing year by year the know-how of its own group of technicians and employees, also the company possessed an immaterial wealth of knowledge gained in almost thirty years of activity and below we show a short list of the main projects and experiences realized by our company team.

Our story

The “company” created since 1989 by Antech was an established international player in the satellite telecommunications sector. 


The birth of our company, Antech Space team complete the first tangible work being the completion of a relocatable antenna positioner for Airbus Italia


After the first years of work there was for Antech Space the return of the Main Customer “Telespazio” with new work at the Fucino Space Center, it is also important the victory of an international tender for the Moroccan national TV “SNRT”.


Historical customers, such as ESA and Telespazio, are pushing for the Antech Space project & installation team to be involved in the refurbishment work with new APS – Antenna Pointing System for No. 2 – 32m C-band antennas in Cheia (Romania) which will be used as a new bi-static radar.


The project of the new ACU – Antenna Control Unit with Monopulse capabilities made by Antech Space is also very successful in Italy, the two ground stations of the CosmoSKYMed satellites in Matera and Pratica di Mare have been successfully equipped with our equipment.


More work and satisfaction for ESA with the project analysis for the ASI radio telescope in Sardinia and to which are added the reconditioning work, with Telespazio, of the two 13mt Eumetsat antennas equipped with a new 5-port Feed in L/S band. From July Antech Space has a new operational headquarters in San Pietro Clarenza (CT).

Antech Space

distingushes itselg by
virtue of

distingushes itselg by virtue of

constant attentions it gives to the needs of the market
Installations in The World​

Antech Space has installations globally, including ground stations, satellite earth stations, and control centers, providing efficient and effective communication solutions to diverse clients. Our team of experts works to maintain and upgrade these installations for optimal performance.

All Countries

  1. Italy
  2. Russia
  3. Kazakhstan
  4. Ukraine
  5. Afghanistan
  6. Pakistan
  7. Egypt
  8. Nigeria
  9. Burkina Faso
  10. Senegal
  11. Congo
  12.  Kenva
  13. South Africa
  14. Morocco
  15. Spain
  16. Portugal
  17. France
  18. Germany
  19. Poland
  20. Sweden
  21. Norway
  22. UK
  23. Estonia
  24. Hungary
  25. Serbia
  26. Croatia
  27. Greece
  28. Belgium
  29. The Netherlands
  30. San Marino
  31. Vatican City

Our Team Members

Teamwork is essential for achieving goals. Combining skills and perspectives leads to better results than working alone. Let’s celebrate the power of teamwork!

Piero vita

- Cto -

Paolo vita

- Ceo -

Francesca vita

- MD & System Engineering Manager -

Rosario Licitra

- Electrical & Electronic Design Manager -

Roberta catania

- Head of Finance, Resources and MC -

Gavino Bacciu

- Administrative Assistant -

Massimo Majorana

- Sales, Marketing & QC Manager -

Franco Lombardo

- Installation Specialist -

Davide Marletta

- RF & Software Engineering Manager -

Rosario Licitra

- Electrical & Electronic Design Manager -

Lino Leonardi

- PM & Installation Manager -

Franco Lombardo

- Installation Specialist -

Paolo pulvirenti

- Mechanical Designer -